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speaker-cable-and-wireSupplier and Wholesaler of Wire and Cable for Commercial, Industrial Military, Automotive and Medical Markets

We offer a large diveristy of bulk cable and wire and we are a reliable Supplier and Wholesaler of Wire and Cable for Commercial, Industrial Military, Automotive and Medical Markets. Located in Fremont, California, we have in house capabilities for standard and custom cable and wire. We design, engineer and manufacture bulk cables using the highest quality materials and state of the art manufacturing lines. We believe that In-house copper drawing, copper bunching and cable stranding provide better flexibility, long flex life and improved reliability.
In-house pelletizing of insulation materials such as PVC, S/R PVC, LSHF, FRPE, rubber, ensure precise manufacturing to our customers' specifications Over 80 extrusion lines include dual jacket extrusion, PTFE extrusion, physical foam extrusion, crosslink extrusion, and FFC lamination for low turnaround time. Please see below some high-speed-usb-cableof the products we offer and contact us for more info and to buy.

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  • Custom Designed Cables - Bulk Cable and Wire for customer’s special use, we can assist customer in designing cable with different configurations
  • Standard LAN Cables / Network Cables - Wide range of cable types (Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, UTP, FTP and S-UTP); Meet EIA/TIA specification
  • Special LAN Cables / Network Cables - Wide range of cable types meet EIA/TIA specification
  • High Flexible Cable - High flex life, up to 200000 cycles
  • Earphone Cables - High Flexibility & low noise
  • Speaker Cable - High performance & low noise; Produced in any color and diameter to suit customer’s multiconductor-cablerequest; Color-coded or transparent PVC jacket
  • Nylon Braid Speaker Cable - High performance & low noise; Protective nylon braid resists cuts and nicks and fine outlook
  • Bulk Coaxial cable - Coaxial Cables such as MIL-C-17 & RG Coaxial Cables, Custom designed cable; Applications: RF, Wireless antenna , CATV and Broadband transmission; Features: Special high performance coaxial cables with superior electrical and physical characteristics for a broad range of RF transmission applications
  • Bulk High speed I/O cables, such as USB Cables - Types: USB1.0, USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0; Wire size : (26~20AWG); Applications: Connects USB-equipped computers to peripheral equipments, Mobile phones
  • Bulk Multi-conductor Cable - Cables for General Purpose: Telecommunication, Computer, Consumer Electronic Products, Network Application, Medical Device Cables, Industrial Cables
  • high-flexible-cableBulk Flat ribbon cable - Flat Ribbon Cables - Centerline (mm): 0.635,1.0, 1.27,2.50, 2.54, 3.96; Number of Conductors: 2 ~ 100; Wire Size: 18 ~ 32 AWG; Insulation Material: PVC, TPE, Custom Flat Ribbon Cable
  • Bulk FFC cable - FCC Cables - Centerline (mm): 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.25, 2.54; Number of Conductors: 2 ~ 50; Conductor Size (mm): 0.7x0.1, 1.27x0.1, 1.27x0.076, 1.57x0.076; Insulation Material: PET film 80°C &105°C; Custom FFC Cables
  • Bulk Automotive cable - High Temp Wires, Single Wires, Cross Linked Cable
  • Bulk Audio/Video Cable for Electronics and Interconnects
  • Bulk Medical cable, Bulk Medical Device Cable
  • Bulk Power cable for commercial, industrial, medical, electronics, phones / wireless and computer applications
  • Bulk Telecommunication cable, bulk Datacom Cable,
  • Hook-up wires for many types of applications
  • Custom-designed cable and wire, MIL Spec cable, custom built or built to specs cabling products that meet and automotive-wireexceed customer’s requirements
  • Bulk Military Cable - Military Coaxial Cable, Indoor and Outdoor Mil Specs, etc.
  • RF / Wireless Cable

Bulk Cables for a Myriad of Applications - Competitive Prices, Reliable and Fast Deliveries, Turnkey Manufacturing

  • Full In House Copper Cable Processes
  • Bulk Cable Design, Bulk Cable Engineering, Bulk Cable Manufacturing
  • Copper cable drawing
  • Copper Cable bunching
  • custom-designed-cablesCopper Cable stranding
  • Pelletizing of insulation materials
  • Over 80 cable extrusion lines
  • Custom Cable Design, Custom Cable Engineering, Custom Cable Manufacturing
  • Global Sourcing of Cabling Products
Guaranteed Quality - Low Prices - Fast Delivery - Engineering Support

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