Power Cords, Power Cables

Design, Engineering, Prototypes, Molding, Power Cable Manufacturing Services

cpcWe manufacture a very large diversity of power cords and power cables to be used with various equipment and hardware, from computers to medical devices and instrumentation. Our capabilities include:

  • Power Cord Design, Power Cable Design
  • Power Cord Engineering, Power Cable Engineering
  • Power Cord Prototypes and Development, Power Cable Prototypes and Development
  • Power Cord Molding and Strain Relief, Power Cable Molding and Strain Relief
  • Power Cord Manufacturing, Power Cable Manufacturing
  • Standard and Custom Power Extenders, Harnesses, Mixed Cables, etc.

Lorom West manufactures and markets power cords in either commercial or medical grade for both US and international markets. We are a global company with presences in the United States, China, India and more.

All power cord assemblies are agency certified per their application.


Power Cords and Power Cables for Standard and Custom Applications

  • ipcCertified by all relevant certification organizations to meet specific requirements
  • Custom lengths and connections available to meet individual application specifications
  • Local and offshore manufacturing of power cords to optimize delivery and cost requirements
  • Local stocking programs to meet your JIT requirements

Power Cord Applications

  • Medical Power Cables
  • U.S. and International Commercial Grade Power Cables and Power Cords
Guaranteed Quality - Low Prices - Fast Delivery - Engineering Support

Quote Requests
for Standard and Custom Cables, Custom Wire Harnesses, Custom PCBs, Custom Electronics, Computer, Medical, Specialty

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