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internal-cabinet-harnessesWe specialize in manufacturing of wire and cable harness assemblies, including automated tooling for prep and crimp operations. All operations follow IPC standards and our facilities are UL audited and compliant, ensuring first-time-right manufacturing and end-product quality.

Our company is a reliable wire harness and cable harness manufacturer located in Fremont, California. Our high speed cable processing equipment, local engineering, wire harness assembly, process management and 100% testing make us a One Stop Source for commercial, industrial, automotive, medical and other markets. Please see below our strenghts:

  • Top design and engineering, rapid prototypes, small lots, high mix, specialty projects, MIL Specs
  • High volume production in the United States, India and China
  • Reduced customer lead time through extensive stock on hand of commonly used parts including common wire gauges, UL style hook-up wire, commonly used connectors and contacts
  • molded-harnessesAbility to design, build, and integrate PC boards into custom wire harnesses, creating a one-stop solution
  • Local and off-shore manufacturing, optimizing your project for time and delivery needs
  • AutoCAD layout of wire harness boards with integrated testing, ensuing high yields

Wire Harness and Cable Harness Applications

  • Computer Wire Harnesses, Computer Cable Harnesses
  • Semiconductor Equipment Wire Harnesses, Semiconductor Equipment Cable Harnesses
  • Medical Equipment Wire Harnesses, Medical Equipment Cable Harnesses
  • Control Wire Harnesses, Control Cable Harnesses
  • Power Distribution Wire Harnesses, Power Distribution Cable Harnesses
  • Data Wire Harnesses, Data Cable Harnesses

Global Operations, Multiple Locations, State of the Art Equipment, Latest Technologies

USA Wire Harness Manufacturer

USA Cable Harness Manufacturer

  • Wire Harness Design
  • Wire Harness Engineering
  • Wire Harness Prototypes
  • Wire Harness Manufacturing
  • Wire Harness Tooling
  • Cable Harness Design
  • Cable Harness Engineering
  • Cable Harness Prototypes
  • Cable Harness Manufacturing
  • Cable Harness Tooling

Sample Harnesses, designed and manufactured by our company

  • Internal Cabinet Harnesses - For internal cabinet wiring
  • Hot-Melt Glue Molded Harnesses - thin wall low tension cable and connectors for vehicle's seat control
  • Twisted/Bundled Harnesses - thin wall low tension cable and connectors for vehicle's seat control
  • Precise Connector Harnesses
  • Appliance Harnesses - Pick And Place Machine Harnesses, Harness contains PCB, switch, connector, hardware





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